7 Simpe and Awesome Ways of Making Money From Photography

Walmart Fujifilm CameraMaking money as a photographer is seen as a struggle, but in the real sense it is quite easy. There is only you and the camera. The only limitations in your photography is yourself, for what we see is what we are. A significant headache to making an income out of your images is simply not knowing where to start. As someone interest grows in photography, they can pull great revenue streams from this hobby.

Would it not be nice to make money doing something you love? There are many ways of making money as a photographer. Photography is among the most exciting pastimes that you can venture in, but also a very wonderful profession. No matter your level of skill, there are many ways one can make good money using photography as a career, or even more extra income from getting hired or freelancing.

Ways of making money from photography

Selling your photos to news sites and blogs

You can pull significant streams of income from this tact. Keeping up to the latest news is good idea of to know what is trending and what shall sell. Blogs are increasingly starting to look for their unique photographs. Instead of sites using images they find on search images, they are looking for professional photographers to avoid rights infringement. A friend of mine was contracted to do professional photos for Decatur Carpet Cleaners – http://www.carpetcleanersdecatur.com/, a locally owned small business in Decatur, GA.


How to Start a Profitable Online Photography Business

photographyPhotography is a popular profession and great hobby right now. If you have some great photography skills, you may need to open your own photography business.  To start out, you don’t necessarily need a brick and mortar store. The best way to go about it is to operate online. You can quickly start photography business at home, without expertise or much capital.

Professional photography is highly competitive, but there are some steps small business owners can take to stand out from the crowded market. (more…)

Getting Started – Building a Photography Portfolio to Show your Photography Work to the World

Walmart Fujifilm CameraIf you are trying to break into professional photography, there is no better time than now to build your portfolio. There is no better way to book clients if you do not have a portfolio. It is not too hard to set up once you get your creativity flowing. With the right guidance, skill, practice, network and portfolio, you can make your dream come true. There are many benefits that a portfolio can bring;

– It helps you showcase your work online

– Pulls in new clients

– Builds a rigid and wide online exposure for your work

What is a Portfolio?

A photographic portfolio is simply a collection of excellent photography work. It is a series of photography work with a unifying theme and style, taken through a particular medium. It presents an opportunity for one to show their work.

Tips on how to put together your portfolio

  1. Research about your market

Before you commence on narrowing down your selection of images, the first thing you should focus on is market research. As yourself what sort of images are your potential clients looking for? Research on how best to show your work. Although a customer may find you via a website, a printed portfolio makes more impact during a face to face meeting.

  1. Think of the number of images

Think about the number of images you need to upload because most of the layouts typically look good with a few number of pictures uploaded. Make a balance between the number of pictures on a page and the negative spaces you leave between or even around them. If you have many photos, consider using pagination or categories to separate them.

  1. Make images stand outThree Walmart Wide Angle Lenses

Keep a high contrast between the pictures and the background. You can have black as your background than going for a white one. Black can give out a good contrast to the photos, and it is also a good idea to try to look at the pictures on different backgrounds.

  1. Consider quality

Pictures should look good and fit the screen when clicked, in case someone may need them for background purposes. You may be having a large collection of images you wish to share, so try to limit your selection to stronger pieces. Having too many pictures in your portfolio can increase load time and make it feel like it is dragging on.

  1. Strategically order your photos.

When tasked with writing a literal essay, the first thing you do is organizing your points in strategic order. Similarly to pictures, place the strongest/best photos at the beginning or end of the portfolio. This tactic hits the viewer the hardest and grabs their attention.

  1. Provide details with each photo

Viewers would like to know whom you shot for and who they are looking at. They could be interested in your fashion photography and would like to hire you or one of the models. Provide a little information about each photo. – Just a sentence description.

Below are four mostly used portfolio building websites for photography lovers

  1. Photoshelter

Photoshelter software is one of the most popular platforms for building photography websites and online portfolios. The site allows one to control the layouts, images and fonts with ease and mobility.

  1. Orosso 

Orosso allows members to build professional and smart portfolios and maintain them easily. In ma matter of minutes, you can make your site created in a flashy and highly customizable looks.

  1. Foliolink

Foliolink is an online portfolio building tool specially made for photographer and artists to sell their work online effortlessly. It features iPad and iPhone shadow sites.

  1. Zenfolio

Zenfolio is an online tool that helps one make amazing online portfolios fast and painlessly. It is highly recommended for photographers looking out at avenues of selling their work online.

A few basic Portfolio Design Rules

– Do not include music in your site as the primary focus is photographyWalmart Pentax Camera

– Ensure that your site loads quickly

– Avoid lots of automated pop-ups when someone loads your site

– Check the design and loading of your site on different browsers and devices

– Ensure that the site is easily navigable.

You should ease the way your viewers to contact you. Regardless of how good your work is, you will not win any clients if they can’t reach you. You can provide a phone number or email address in the footer. Also, try to protect your images. Someone will always try to steal your good work. Try to disable the right click or put all the images as background images

Camera Types and Essential Features to Consider When Buying a Camera

Walmart Coolpix CameraThere is a wide variety of cameras available on the market today. Majority of those beginning photography usually find themselves at crossroads in making a decision about the type of camera they should acquire. The camera selection choice will be determined by the amount of money you can spend and the kind of photography you want to venture in.

Types of camera

To make a decision on the kind of photography gadget to buy, it is good we first have a basic comprehension of the types of cameras available on the market. There are there basic types of commonly used cameras. They include the following;


7 Essential Photo Post-Processing Guide – Photo Editing Tips Every Photographer Should Know

Walmart lensPost processing is the process of touching up your raw photos in a photo editor, to remove blemishes and make some tweaks aimed at getting a better picture. Editing equally involves removing red eye, evening out shadows and color balancing.

What do you need for editing?

The first thing is to get your tools ready. You will need a good, versatile photo editing software to do the trick. There are a couple of photo editors out there targeted for beginners, intermediates, and advanced users. Get one that is affordable and meets all the editing requirements. Famous ones include;


Understanding the Working of Your Camera In Order to Take Great Images!

Walmart Pentax CameraWhen using the camera, a lot of people, particularly amateurs shoot in what is called the automatic mode. This mode allows the camera to make all the settings for you. To become a professional photographer, you need to understand operating a camera in both automatic and manual modes. Besides that, you need to learn more about exposure. Learning how exposure works will help you take control of your camera and take better photos. The ISO, aperture and shutter speed are elements that combine to create an exposure. These elements have an effect on the image quality.


The Ideal Camera Lens for a Moment of Perfect Essence

standard camera lensPhotography has undeniably become exceptionally popular in recent years. This is evident though individuals seeking to fulfill a desire for the hobby, using a camera to capture moments of splendid elegance but most especially for those who seek to transform their creativity into a profession.

One of the most commonly held misconceptions about photography is that you can grab a camera with a stock lens and capture quality images every time a familiar button is pressed and held–until the moment is captured. A stock lens won’t provide photographers quality results in all circumstances, which is why it’s important to know what lens best suits each situation and how they thrive on such occasions. There are many types of lenses, but the most popular of them include standard lenses, ultra wide lenses, wide angle lenses, telephoto lenses, macro lenses, and superzoom lenses.